CCMS3 - Call Center Mangement Services

Mission Statement
To be your contact center outsourcer of choice. By focusing on the needs of our clients and their customers, providing excellent service, maintaining a position of technology leadership that provides value and establishing long-term partnerships with our clients, we create a mutual long-term business relationship.

Our Guiding Principles
The conduct of our affairs will be based on a foundation of integrity. We will always be ethical and straightforward in our relationships and accountable for our actions. We can overcome mistakes and imperfections, but if we lack integrity we will not survive.

CCMS3 will safeguard the confidentiality of client, customer, company and employee information. We realize that a breach of trust in any of these relationships damages us all.

All employees will sincerely respect and care about our work, our client relationships, and each other. Teamwork requires that we always be fair-minded, unselfish, and helpful. Our company will only grow as we grow individually. We should take pride in our individual accomplishments and strive continuously for self-improvement, but avoid self-satisfaction. If we stand still we will most certainly fall behind. Positive change emanates from innovation and new ideas. We seek innovative approaches that enhance the quality and efficiency of our service and value we provide our partners.

“Twenty-five years ago, this company was founded on Service, Value and Partnership. Today those values are still what we live by. We are committed to customers and our employees alike in wanting to develop positive customer experiences, which create value for our clients who will be our partners for the long term. We don’t do anything by cookie cutter approaches. We are collaborative and relationships with our clients are the foundation for customer care.”

Steven Ragan, President/CEO of CCMS3


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