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Customer Service and Sales
CCMS3’s full-service customer contact center provides 24-hour, seven-day support every day of the year for your customers along with a single point of contact for quick, effective answers to your sales and service needs. We provide efficient order processing and customer service by:

  • Increasing sales to customers using up sell/cross sell programs

  • Reducing call times and increasing number of calls handled.

  • Enhancing and improving customer relations with an intranet knowledge base that ensures accuracy and consistency

  • Developing tools that allow agents to spend quality time with your customer

  • Identifying trends in the local calling environment as well as within the industry

  • Increasing your reach across many markets and time zones.

Up-sell/Cross-sell Programs
CCMS3’s cross-selling and up-selling techniques increase your average order value as well as reducing inventory of slow-moving or leftover items from previous marketing campaigns. CCMS3 agents are well-versed in both techniques.

First Call Resolutions
Customer contact agents at CCMS3 are able to handle all of your customer needs by following the “First Call Resolution” technique, where they take product orders and answer customer service questions all in one phone call. Industry literature states the more phone calls a customer has to make to resolve an issue, the lower their satisfaction rate. CCMS3 helps your customers get an outstanding first impression of your company.

No-Risk Contract
Through our extensive experience, we have learned how difficult it is for a business to justify providing cost-effective 24-hour, seven-day per week service to their customers. As a result, CCMS3 has developed a no-risk contract to meet your needs. You only pay for your call volume and time it takes to handle these calls. There are no minimum call volumes to meet. The contract can also be terminated by you at any time and for any reason.

Sound too good to be true? We have found this to be a great way to begin a business relationship with you. First, it gives you a chance to extend your customer service/order hours without committing to your customers, and, second, it gives you time to work with us to find out if this is the right business partnership for you.

Order Taking Services
We are well versed in using our clients order entry systems whether by remote access or web based interface.

Web Chat and Email Services
Our simple-to-use web chat solution provides instant access to CCMS3’s contact agents, helping to deliver superior customer service and leaving you with more satisfied customers. CCMS3’s email services are also designed to give your customers easy access to our contact agents. Both our email and web chat services enhance your customers’ experiences, resulting in improved average order values, higher retention rates, and stronger brand loyalty.

Other Services
CCMS3 also is adept, flexible and experienced with a number of other valuable services for you, including:

  • Fulfillment, Distribution and other warehouse services

  • Account Inquiries

  • Catalog Requests

  • Sales and Special Promotions

  • Marketing Surveys

  • Data Entry

  • Shipping Status

  • Outbound Customer Contacts

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"CCMS3 knows that part of the success of your customer service program hinges on providing professional and caring points of contact for your customers. Therefore, we assign a Project Manager to your account and to the applications that you have selected. This person oversees every aspect of your program; results reporting, monitoring programs, collaborative problem solving, and solutions that are custom created for your needs. Each client is unique and is treated with the highest degree of integrity in creative problem solving and solutions development."

Steve Jenness Senior VP of CCMS3


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