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Call Center Management Services (CCMS3) is a Division of Product Marketing and Management which is a company that has specialized in the Product Marketing and Management disciplines for over 25 years in service to the Telecommunications Industry.

CCMS3 is focused on supporting the Contact Center needs of businesses utilizing Multi-channel and Omni-Channel marketing to engage and inform their customers. Having been active in creating and running an outsourcing company that originally specialized in serving Catalog/Retail Multi-Channel companies as clients the management of CCMS3 has the hands on experience of serving and working with companies utilizing Multi/Omni-Channel communications. This experience has positioned CCMS3 with the unique ability to offer the following types of products and services that are designed specifically to meet the operating needs of companies needing contact center assistance. It's not that the technology used by other call centers is necessarily different, but the Multi/Omni-Channel reporting, management and data requirements are unique and products and services customized to fit the needs of businesses engaging their customers this way will be, must be different in order for you the client to get the maximum benefit and productivity from these services and products.

CCMS3 offerings are divided into three distinct categories:

Multi/Omni-Channel Contact Center Outsourcing Services

  • Inbound/Outbound Voice Services & Sales

  • Website & E-Commerce Customer Engagement

  • Social Media Support and Monitoring

  • Multi/Omni-Channel Platform is the Web service system utilizing Route 53

Marketing/Sales Services
  • Proactive Customer Service and Sales Support

  • Customer Win Back & Reactivation

  • Customer Satisfaction Surveys & Market Research

  • House File - Data Verification & Sales

  • Outbound Up Sell/Cross Sell and Inventory reduction

  • B2B Lead Generation & Customer Acquisition

Customized Contact Center Software Reporting & Mgmt Systems

Initial startup support included, further ongoing support, customization and interfacing to data sources available.

Quality Control/Assurance Processes
  • Base Line assessments for Monitoring personnel

  • Agent Report Cards

  • Agent Performance Ranking

  • Consulting

Individual datasheets and brochures are available for all of the above listed products and services. Please contact us if you would like to receive information and pricing on any of these offerings.

"At CCMS3 we are committed to fulfilling all product and service promises to our clients-inside and outside the company-on time, every time. When we answer a question, assist a customer, or advise a client, we create impressions that build and affect our relationships with the people we serve."
Steve Jenness, Senior VP of CCMS3


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