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Brand Care

Brand Care
A company's financial health and growth is dependent on first attracting and then building a base of loyal customers that purchase again and again. No business can maintain healthy margins if it is constantly losing its loyal customers and having to replace them with costly prospecting.

Your Voice
CCMS3 becomes the voice of your company. Working closely with our client partners to emulate their brand culture, we have on-going weekly meetings, extensive training sessions, on-site visits, calibration sessions and more. We train our representatives to take product orders and answer service questions all in one phone call. This saves you on telephony costs and more, while increasing customer satisfaction. This also has the added benefit of driving up your call to conversion percentage. The bottom line is your company will benefit greatly from repeat business and enhanced lifetime value of your customers.

Risk-Free Agreement
Our management approach is designed for maximum flexibility to serve your needs, which is why CCMS3 has developed a risk-free agreement with its client partners. We manage the call volume for you. There is no need for you to staff up or down for periods of high and low traffic volume. There are no minimum calls to meet. If you need to stop sending calls, just do so at any time, without any risk of financial penalty. CCMS3 is unique in many different ways, and the flexibility CCMS3 establishes with its client partners is one reason why we continue to have long-term partnerships with our clients.

"CCMS3 has been specializing and providing call center outsourcing services to some of the most recognized names in the industry for the past twenty-five years. We are proud to say that during this time, we have not lost one client due to our service and price-not one."


Steve Jenness, Senior VP of CCMS3


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